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B.C. neuroethicist warns against DIY brain stimulation devices

Core’s Dr. Peter B. Reiner speaks with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas at CBC’s As It Happens last Friday, July 15, 2016 about the risks of D-I-Y transcranial direct current stimulation. Click the title for more.

Dr. Judy Illes re-appointed Associate Faculty in the School of Population and Public Health for 2016-2020

We are pleased to announce that Core’s Dr. Judy Illes has been re-appointed as Associate Faculty at UBC’s School of Population and Public Health (SPPH). This reappointment allows for further academic service and research collaboration between the National Core for Neuroethics and SPPH.

A Doctor Cuts Into His Own Brain to Look at Language

Core’s Dr. Judy Illes and Dr. Lara Specker Sullivan mentioned at PrimeMind’s recent article on self-experimentation and its implications. Click the title to read more.

Podcast: BBC World Service interviews Dr. Judy Illes on the upcoming Olympics and concerns over the Zika virus

As a follow up to The Washington Post’s article on experts saying that Olympics must be moved or postponed because of the Zika virus, Core’s Dr. Judy Illes speaks at the May 28, 2016 (0606 BST) episode of the BBC World Service. Listen to the interview here (4min 15sec):

150 experts say Olympics must be moved or postponed because of Zika

More than 100 prominent physicians, bioethicists and scientists from around the world posted a letter Friday urging World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan to exert pressure on Olympic authorities to move the Olympics from Rio de Janeiro or delay the Games because of public health concerns over the Zi… Click the title to read more.

How ‘calm technology’ pulls attention from online temptation

Core’s Dr. Peter B. Reiner speaks at the April 27, 2016 episode of The Current, which explores ‘calm technology’ and speaks to technological pioneers who say our devices should learn to respect our time and attention. Click the title to read more and listen to the podcast.

Opinion: The way towards kids’ brain health: Where is B.C.?

On March 29, the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services announced spending of $333 million for early services for families and children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Click the title to read more.

Experts wary of electrical brain stimulation at home

Researchers are testing mild electrical stimulation to improve brain function and mental health, but warn do-it-yourselfers to be wary of treating themselves with models available online. Click the title to read more.

The need for more women in medicine, science and engineering

To mark International Women’s Day this year, UBC is hosting an event that examines female leadership in science, engineering and medicine. Click the title to read more.

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