The Importance of Global Co-operation: A Statement on COVID-19 from Neuroethics Canada

Faculty and members of the Advisory Board of Neuroethics Canada, a group of distinguished neuroscientists, ethicists, and community leaders, stand together in this time of COVID-19 to emphasize the importance of global cooperation.

While the closure of physical borders is a necessary means to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, intellectual borders must remain open to international collaboration among scientists and society to reverse the fragmentation caused by the pandemic.

It is through worldwide cooperation that stigma and discrimination will be suppressed, cures discovered, and preventive measures to new threats implemented for a safer future for all people.

We face many challenges as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and do our best at physical distancing and supporting each other. Neuroethics Canada is pleased to offer a few key questions for everyone to think about. The links offer some answers from trusted sources.