Neuroethics Canada is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to tackling the ethical, legal, policy and social implications of frontier technological developments in the neurosciences. Our focus is on protecting and ensuring public good by aligning innovations in the brain sciences with human values.

Our research results, educational resources, and public outreach promote informed decision-making and empowered choices for individual and community well-being in an era of fast-paced, and ever increasingly consumer-directed personalized medicine. For an overview of our recent work, please see our most recent Annual Report here.

We are located  at the University of British Columbia Hospital in Vancouver, Canada.



Our Generous Sponsors:

American Academy of Neurology British Consulate General Vancouver Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network
CIHR Centre for Applied Ethics UBC
FET Consulate General of France Vancouver
Genome BC  Genome Can
Kids Brain Health Network Mitacs National Institutes of Health
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 Vancouver Found  VCHRI