Recent News (past 6 months)

Dr. Judy Illes receives the inaugural ‘Judy Illes Award for Mentorship in the Field of Neuroethics’

Congratulations to Neuroethics Canada’s Director, Dr. Judy Illes, for receiving the inaugural “Judy Illes Award for Mentorship in the Field of Neuroethics” presented by the International Neuroethics Society at their annual meeting this year held at Montreal, QC. Dr. Illes proposed that the three pillars of excellent mentorship are respect, kindness, and generosity.

Interview with Louise Harding about Indigenous Theories of Mind

Neuroethics Canada lab member Louise Harding was recently interviewed on Dr. Mehl Madrona’s podcast, Howling Coyote, to discuss Indigenous Theories of Mind! Click the title to listen.

Pondering the Neuroethics of Modulating the Mind with Judy Illes

Dr. Judy Illes talks about ethical considerations that have arisen from rapid advances in neurotechnologies such as genetic engineering, brain implants, and brain-computer interfaces on “Brain Ponderings” with Mark Mattson. Click the title to listen to this conversation.

Quinn Boyle and Judy Illes: Forced treatment makes little sense in combating opioid crisis

Quinn Boyle and Dr. Judy Illes address discourse around forced treatment for individuals with opioid use disorders in their recent Op-Ed for the Vancouver Sun. Click the title to read more.

Neurotechnology and the Law

Dr. Judy Illes shares her insights in a recent thought-provoking article on the prospect of regulating brain implants. Click the title to read more.

Dr. Judy Illes, Dr. B Lynn Beattie, and Chad Day receive the Alvin J. Thompson Award (NWABR)

A warm congratulations to Dr. Judy Illes, who recently received the Alvin J. Thompson Award from the Board of the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR)! This award is shared with Dr. B. Lynn Beattie, founder and former head of the AD and Related Disorders Clinic at UBC, and Chad Day, President of the Tahltan […]

Voice Epilepsy Episode 26: Discussion on the Seizing Hope Documentary with Dr. Judy Illes from Neuroethics Canada

In this episode of Voice Epilepsy™ podcast, BC Epilepsy Society Executive Director, Deirdre Syms, is joined by Neuroethics Canada’s Dr. Judy Illes to discuss Seizing Hope – High Tech Journeys in Pediatric Epilepsy, a mini-documentary by Neuroethics Canada. Seizing Hope is a mini-documentary that aims to ask the question “Can new technology bring hope to […]

Seizing Hope – CBC Interview

Dr. Judy Illes was recently featured on CBC Listen to discuss Seizing Hope at On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko! Click the title to hear this engaging interview.

Seizing Hope: High Tech Journeys in Pediatric Epilepsy

 Can new technology bring hope to children who have drug-resistant epilepsy? More than 500,000 children in Canada and the USA have epilepsy. About a third of those children continue to have seizures despite taking anti-seizure medications, also known as pediatric drug resistant epilepsy (DRE). Surgery may be one option for them, but what if […]

Seizing Hope – Vancouver Sun

A recent feature in the Vancouver Sun highlights the story of a local teen with severe epilepsy who has a life-saving device in her brain to reduce seizures and Seizing Hope, a new documentary that follows her story and others alike. Click the title to read more.