Fireside podcasts on ethics in neurodevelopmental disorders

Fireside Chat | What young brains teach us about regeneration Canadian Bioethics Society Meeting, Banff, Alberta May 2013 Dr. Joseph Fins lays out the case for studying neurodevelopmental disorders in children and discusses the important reasons for his interest in NeuroDevNet, one of Canada’s Centres of Excellence, in this audio podcast moderated by Dr. Judy Illes. As he suggests, recent findings connecting neuroregeneration with brain development shed new light on neuroplasticity and how the brain repairs itself. Interdisciplinary research is essential, and collaborations with developmental neurobiologists, in particular, he says, will be key to answering many still unresolved questions about neurodevelopment. Visit us again for more podcasts on brain and ethics, and be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest on news and events.