Invitation to Participate in Interviews

We are seeking English-speaking adults over 19 years of age with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease to participate in a 45 minute interview over the telephone, in person, or by Skype as part of a research project.

The purpose of this interview is to explore the perspectives of patients with neurodegenerative diseases about the risks, benefits, and time frames associated with stem cell clinical trials. To participate in or learn more about this study, please contact Shelly Benjaminy, National Core for Neuroethics, at or 604-827-3690.


Study Investigators:
Principal Investigator: Judy Illes, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics, Professor, Division of Neurology, University of British Columbia

Co-Investigator: Anthony Traboulsee, MD, Director of MS Clinic at UBC Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Co-Investigator: Silke Cresswell, MD, Professor, Pacific Parkinson’s Research Institute, University of British Columbia

Study contact and lead for informed consent process: Shelly Benjaminy, PhD student, Project Lead, National Core for Neuroethics, University of British Columbia, Phone: 604-827-3690

Sponsor: Stem Cell Network