Neuroethics for Novel Neurotechnologies

Monday, April 19, 2021
12:00PM PDT (3:00PM EDT)

Progress in advancing neurotechnologies is occurring at a time of change in health and social landscapes. As novel brain technologies traverse the realm of preclinical experimentation to real world treatments, questions of readiness, equitable patient access, legal and intellectual rights surface.

Join us to hear leaders of the Pan Canadian Neurotechnology Ethics Consortium; Plenary Speaker, Helen Mayberg, MD; and representatives from the Foundation, engage in what promises to be an insightful discussion.

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Featured Panelists:

Helen Mayberg, MD
Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Judy Illes, PhD
University of British Columbia

Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Institute

Patrick McDonald, MD
BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Matthew Burke, MD
Sunnybrook Research Institute

Jennifer Chandler, LLB, LLM
Centre for Law, Technology and Society

Jessica Foley, PhD
Focused Ultrasound Foundation

Suzanne LeBlang, MD
Focused Ultrasound Foundation