Voice Epilepsy Episode 26: Discussion on the Seizing Hope Documentary with Dr. Judy Illes from Neuroethics Canada

In this episode of Voice Epilepsy™ podcast, BC Epilepsy Society Executive Director, Deirdre Syms, is joined by Neuroethics Canada’s Dr. Judy Illes to discuss Seizing Hope – High Tech Journeys in Pediatric Epilepsy, a mini-documentary by Neuroethics Canada.

Seizing Hope is a mini-documentary that aims to ask the question “Can new technology bring hope to children who have drug-resistant epilepsy?” and documents the stories of four Canadian families in their journey to learn, understand, and explore the ethical trade-offs and decision-making values around modern technology for the brain.

These families guide viewers through their journey towards hope, trust, and empowerment in times of darkness for a better quality of life for their children who have drug-resistant epilepsy.

For more information on Seizing Hope, please visit https://www.seizinghopefilm.com/.

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