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Understanding our patients’ experiences to provide meaningful care: Q&A with Dr. Julie Robillard

For Dr. Julie Robillard, “patient experience” encompasses everything from the treatments a patient receives, to how they access specialists and health information, to how they are engaged in their own care. Click the title to read more.

New paper offers smart guidelines for developing tech tools for older adults

“There are a lot of technology solutions that have the potential to help older adults, and people with dementia and their caregivers,” says Dr. Julie Robillard. “The problem is, most of them don’t get used. Technology that stays on the shelf doesn’t benefit anyone.” Click the title to read more.

Neurology Podcast: Reflections on Translation – Views of Participants in a Multi-Site Canadian CCSVI Clinical Trial

This Neurology® Podcast begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the June 12, 2018, print issue of Neurology. In the first segment, Dr. Stacey Clardy talks with Dr. Shelly Benjaminy about her paper on patients’ perspectives from the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency clinical trial in Canada. In the second […]

Kristine Chapman and Judy Illes: Stem cells claims are ahead of the science

Dr. Kristine Chapman and Core’s Dr. Judy Illes writes about the recent ads for stem-cell therapies and its implications to patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Click the title to read more.

People are searching for health information online, but is what they’re finding useful?

Most older adults are online, and many of them are using the internet to search for health-related information. But how easy to understand is the information they are finding, and who wrote it? Dr. Julie Robillard’s new research, published this week in the journal Gerontechnology (paywall) presents troubling insight… Click the title to read more.

Milestone anniversary for neuroethics brings change, partnerships, and greater influence

Since 2007, the National Core for Neuroethics has been an international leader in biomedical research ethics under the direction of Dr. Judy Illes, Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics. For more than a decade, Dr. Illes has been influential in shaping … Click the title to read more.

Governor General Julie Payette met with new Order of Canada & Order of British Columbia recipients

The Governor General Julie Payette met with new Order of Canada & Order of British Columbia recipients, including Core’s Dr. Judy Illes. Photo by: MCpl Vincent Carbonneau, Rideau Hall

Five ways to reduce the physical harms of smartphone use

Globe and Mail’s article on smartphone use quotes Core’s Dr. Peter B. Reiner. Click the title to read more.

CBC Radio’s The Current features Dr. Peter B. Reiner

CBC Radio’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti discusses the ethics of new (invasive) technologies that appear to improve memory with Core’s Dr. Peter B. Reiner. Listen to the conversation below (start at 31:20 mark).

Dr. Judy Illes featured in the #SupportTheReport campaign

Neuroethics Canada’s Dr. Judy Illes explains why she is participating in the #SupportTheReport campaign! Watch the video here: For more information on #SupportTheReport, visit: