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Blood, brains and mushrooms: Neurocraft exhibition opens in Winnipeg

David Byrne did it — and now nine Manitoba artists are turning neuroscience into art. The art exhibit Neurocraft opens Friday night at the John Buhler Research Centre, attached to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre. Click the title to read more.

Fixing fentanyl with naloxone alone won’t work

UBC academics worry officials pushing too hard on solution that doesn’t address root cause of the problem. Click the title to read more.

Ethics at CIHR: Moving Forward

Vardit Ravitsky and Judy Illes provide a summary overview of progress being made at CIHR with respect to its ethics mandate. Click the title to read more.

UBC’s beacons of hope in the war against Alzheimer’s disease

A warning about poor advice, questionable motives. Core’s Dr. Julie Robillard studies the proliferating sources of online advice about Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and based on the patterns she sees, has been spreading the message, “Let the reader beware.” Click the title to read more.

Women in science: part II

How ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is responsible for the leaky STEM pipeline. In the sciences, objectivity is prized because it allows us to uncover truths without the stain of personal biases. However, the rigour of scientific objectivity has yet to dominate the working environment of STEM fields. Click title to read more.

Opinion: Head transplant an unjustified ghoulish human experiment

Just when we thought we had heard it all, now there is the head transplant. The Nov. 23 article in The Vancouver Sun (“Italian surgeon preparing patient for human head transplant by showing him how to walk again with VR”) … Click the title to read more.

On the Origin of Scientists: Neuroethicist Judy Illes

Core’s Dr. Judy Illes featured at Ubyssey’s article, “On the Origin of Scientists: Neuroethicist Judy Illes”. Click the title to read more.

The Stem Cell Network 2016 Research Funding Results

Core’s Dr. Judy Illes receives an award as part of The 2016 Stem Cell Network’s Impact Program Grant. Click the title to read more.

Embedded beings: how we blended our minds with our devices

Like life itself, technologies evolve. So it is that the telephone became the smartphone, that near-at-hand portal to the information superhighway. Click the title to read more

National Board offers guidance for doctors prescribing medical marijuana

Neurologists who conduct research on medicinal marijuana and neuroethicists respond to the guidelines by the Federation of State Medical Boards on how to approach patients who request prescriptions for medical marijuana. Click the title to read more.