Podcast: Mysteries of the Brain (Toronto Campaign Celebration 2013)

On November 5th 2013 over 150 UBC Alumni and friends joined Dr. Peter Reiner, Dr. Cheryl Wellington, and Dr. Max Cynader to discuss the “Mysteries of the Brain.” The discussion focused on traumatic brain injury, cognitive enhancement and healthy aging. See more at: To listen to the podcast, click here.

Podcast: Dr. Judy Illes on neuroethics of brain development

Recorded at NeuroDevNet’s 2013 Brain Development Conference, Sept 2013. Dr. Judy Illes is Professor of Neurology and Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia. In this podcast, Dr. Illes describes what neuroethics is and how we can integrate it within all aspects of brain research. Source: NeuroDevNet on SoundCloud, NeuroDevNet

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Teens with cerebral palsy face uncertain transition into adulthood

Katelyn Verstraten writes about transitions of young adults with cerebral palsy in British Columbia for The Vancouver Sun.

Disclosing incidental findings in brain research: The rights of minors in decision-making

Dr. Nina di Pietro and Dr. Judy Illes write on “disclosing incidental findings in brain research” in Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. To read more, click here.

US brain project puts focus on ethics

“US brain project puts focus on ethics” by Helen Shen in Nature.

Evidence-based justice: Corrupted memory

“Evidence-based justice: Corrupted memory” by Moheb Costandi in Nature.

Triangulating perspectives on functional neuroimaging for disorders of mental health

James Anderson, Ania Mizgalewicz and Dr. Judy Illes featured on BioMed Central Psychiatry. To read more, click here.

Research shows when nudging works and when it doesn’t

Slate features Dr. Peter B. Reiner’s article, “Are You Willing to Be Nudged Into Making the Right Decision?”. Click here to read more.

Living to 100 now within sight for thousands of canadians: Metro vancouver women put proof to benefits of exercise, healthy eating and flexible thinking

Lynn Beattie quoted in The Vancouver Sun’s article on centenarians in Canada. To read more, click here.