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Survey uncovers pandemic’s complex impact on people living with dementia and their families

COVID-19 has been especially challenging for people living with dementia, their families and caregivers, confirms a new study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The study uncovers the complex effects of the pandemic on more than 400 people in this community in B.C., and identifies their unique needs. Click the title to read more.

‘It’s a careful balance’: B.C. expert sheds light on when COVID-19 vaccine certificates could be used

With vaccine distribution ramping up, the matter of restrictions lifting and pre-pandemic activities being permitted again may be top of mind for many British Columbians. Click the title to read more.

UBC medical ethicist says vaccine passports could be discriminatory

UBC Medical ethicist Judy Illes says while the COVID vaccine is important, she adds there is a lot of potential for discrimination with requiring proof of vaccination. Click the title to read more.

Scientist Spotlight: Dr. Judy Illes

Neuropsyched’s latest Scientist Spotlight features Neuroethics Canada’s Dr. Judy Illes. Click the title to read more.

COVID-19: Vaccination passports likely on way for travel, though fraught with concerns

Canada won’t leave the country behind if other countries adopt ‘vaccine passports’ as a requirement for international travel, but domestically, politicians are wary of the ethical pitfalls that would go with such programs. Click the title to read more.

Neuroethics rise to the challenge

When it comes to studying the brain, it’s essential to consider the many ethical questions that often arise. Neuroethics Canada is a research group that’s part of the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health and led by Dr. Judy Illes. Click the title to read more.

Inside Frank Plummer’s brain

The legendary scientist turned to highly experimental deep brain stimulation to treat his own alcoholism. He’d devoted his whole life to science, he joked. Why not his brain, too? The research he took part in is revolutionizing how we treat the world’s most stigmatized illnesses. Click here to read the article (PDF).

A plan of last resort: Choosing who lives and dies if ICUs turn into virus war zones

It may sound dystopian and dehumanized. But far worse than a random number generator would be a human being having to choose who gets life-saving treatment. Click the title to read more.

Resilience in Indigenous health research during COVID-19

Core’s Ms. Louise Harding’s letter with Drs. Judy Illes & Malcolm King was published in CMAJ about how Indigenous communities are adapting cultural protocols to virtual settings during COVID-19 to continue important health-promoting work. Click the title to read more.

Geriatric medicine trailblazer and Bowen Islander appointed to Order of Canada

Bowen Islanders may know Lynn McArthur as past president of the Garden Club but it was her illustrious alter-ego, Dr. Lynn Beattie, who was appointed a member of the Order of Canada last week. Click the title to read more.